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A Charlotte area teacher was involved in a recent head-on collision which caused serious injuries. Both vehicles were traveling at least 45 miles per hour when the other vehicle crossed over the center line, resulting in the head-on collision.

The teacher had to be removed from her car with Jaws and was reported in critical condition.

One issue to consider when someone is involved in a serious collision such as this is the availability of underinsured motorist coverage. This is one of the coverages you get when you purchase full coverage on your vehicle.

The way that undersinured coverage works is that if the other driver had less insurance coverage than you, your insurance carrier would then be responsible for stepping into compensate you for the injuries you sustain in excess of the other driver’s coverage, up your policy limits.

For example, if you sustain $75,000 in damages and the other driver had $50,000 in coverage while you had $100,000 in underinsured coverage, then the other driver’s insurance would be responsible for paying its $50,000 policy limits, while your insurance carrier would pay you the additional $25,000 in compensation you are due. If the damages you susatined were over $100,000, then your carrier’s liability would be limited at $50,000, while the other driver’s insurance would pay $50,000, resulting in a total compensation package of $100,000.

When you purchase insurance, you should be careful to obatin underinsured coverage if it is offered. It is cheap coverage, and protects you and your family in the event that there is a catastrophic accident.

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