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Unfortunately, the St. Patrick’s Day holiday is one which is characterized by irresponsible and excessive consumption of alcohol. Too often, people make bad decisions about getting behind the wheel after drinking, with disastrous results for themselves, their families, and other people on the road.

A University of Pennsylvania study showed that on St. Patrick’s Day, there are 23% more accidents resulting in death or serious injury.

People injured in Illinois can look not only to the drunk driver for compensation but also the tavern or restaurant where he became intoxicated. The Illinois Dram Shop Act permits recovery of up to $65,000 in damages for people who are injured or who have suffered loss of support or society due to injuries resulting from the intoxication of another. These amounts can be recovered from the licensed liquor establishment (the dram shop) where the person became intoxicated. This is in addition to sums recovered from the drunk driver.

Cases under the Dram Shop Act have a one year statute of limitations, and it often takes considerable investigation to identify where the person became intoxicated, so people who have been injured by a drunk driver should be careful to act quickly.

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