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In Toledo, Ohio last week a two year old girl was attacked by a pit bull while she was sitting in her stroller. The pit bull was being brought out of the house by its owner. Before the owner could attach a line to the pit bull’s collar, it broke free, jumped the fence, and attacked the girl.

The little girl suffered numerous bite wounds to her face.

Advocates of pit bull owners say that they are unfairly discriminated against by local ordinances that require the owners to take steps to protect the public that owners of other dogs are not required to take, such as following special enclosure requirements, attending training classes, and making sure that the dog is up-to-date on shots, etc. They say that pit bulls are inherently no more dangerous than any other breed of dog when the dog is paired with an irresponsible owner.

This story underlines the problems with that argument. The owner here was attempting to out the dog ona line inside a fenced in yard. Nonetheless, the pit bull was able to break free and jump the fence which is something that demonstrates the great strength of these animals. After jumping the fence, it attacked a little girl who was sirring in her stroller, which underlines the dangerous and unpredicatble nature of the dog.

Close regulation of pit bulls by local authorities is something that is clearly needed. The strength and power behind the unpredicatble and vicious attacks by these aninals calls for it.

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