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A recent news story brought to light the insurance industry’s practice of denying coverage to or increasing premiums for homeowners with certain breeds of dogs. The practice is based on the notion that some breeds of dogs are more likley to bite, resulting in higher claims costs.

Breeds targeted by insurers include pit bulls, German sheperds, rottweilers, and even chihuahuas.

Interestingly, an Illinois state senator has sponsored legislation which would allow this practice by insurers.

It is not often that I will take the side of insurers, but it seems to me that certain breeds of dogs may be more likely to be bite, but that certain breeds of dogs, when they bite, are definitely more likely to cause significant injuries. In other words, the defining characteristic of attacks by some breeds seems to be the ferocity and severity as opposed to the frequency. The list of breeds that cause significant injuries seems to be pretty well set forth above, expect for the chihuahuas, of course.

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