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River North Scaffolding Collapse

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A scaffolding collapse in River North resulted in serious injuries to two construction workers. The collapse happened in the 300 block of West Ohio Street on Monday morning. According to authorities, something apparently broke, which caused the scaffolding to collapse against a building. The two injured workers were taken to the hospital in serious to critical condition.

Scaffolding accidents result in many injuries and fatalities each year.

In the National Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI) in 2005, an average of 88 fatalities occurred in the years 2000-2004 from scaffolds, staging. In a Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) study, 72% of workers injured in scaffold accidents attributed the accident either to the planking or support giving way, or to the employee slipping or being struck by a falling object.

According to U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), all of these accidents can be controlled by compliance with OSHA standards.