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Fall on construction site(2)

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Two workers were seriously injured when they fell 20 feet while working on a Florida construction site. One suffered a fractured leg; details as to the injuries sustained by the other were unclear.

The fall was over 20 feet. OSHA regulations require the use of fall protection, typically a tie line, when working at that kind of height.

On most large construction sites, the great bulk of the work is done by subcontractors, with the general contractor assuming a supervisory role. One of the areas that general contractors supervise the wrok is by assuring worker safety and requiring its subcontractors and its employees to comply with OSHA regulations and other applicable safety standards.

In Illinois, these injured workers would not only be eligible to receive worker’s compensation benefits, but would also have a legitimate basis for filing suit against the general contractor for not enforcing the OSHA fall protection regulations.