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8 vehicle truck accident in Monee leaves one dead

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A recent accident on I-57 has demonstrated, yet again, how dangerous semi-trucks can be. According to ABC 7 News:

One person is dead and at least two others injured in an accident involving eight vehicles in south suburban Monee.

It happened Friday night in the northbound lanes of I-57 near the Monee-Manhattan Road exit. Preliminary reports say the collision occurred after a semi-truck tractor trailer failed to observe a traffic stop.

Given that this accident was caused by the truck’s failure to observe a traffic stop, it certainly makes one wonder why the truck driver wasn’t paying attention. It is possible that driving fatigue affected the driver’s ability to pay attention, since truck driver fatigue is a common cause of accidents on the road.

While the specific cause of the accident is still unknown, this story should serve as a grim reminder of the dangers associated with semi trucks. After all, this accident involved only one moving vehicle, and yet at least three people were seriously injured. We all have a responsibility to be safe on the road, but truck drivers have even more responsibility due to the size of their vehicles, and we need to be conscious of this fact while we are driving.