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Tenant dies from carbon monoxide poisoning

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Police were recently called to a Kentucky apartment building deal with a carbon monoxide leak. A faulty furnace was apparently responsible for leaking the gas. Other tenants had complained of fumes in the building earlier that week.

The carbon monoxide was the apparent cause of death for one tenant who was overcome by the fumes.

When injuries occur in an apartment building, it is very important to analyze the source and cause of the injuries. In general, once an apartment is leased, landlords are not liable for injuries that occur due to conditions within the four corners of the apartment.

However, they are liable for things occurring in the common areas of the building, injuries that result from building code violations, and from hidden defects in the apartment itself.

In this instance, since the furnace was apparently one of the common elements of the bulding and was the cause of the tenant’s death, the landlord potentially faces some significant liability for this unfortunate accident.