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Ten killed in New York apartment fire

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10 people, including nine children, died in a fire which swept through a Bronx apartment building last week. The fire was apparently caused by an overworked space heater.

There were smoke detectors in the apartment where the fire started, but the battery was dead, rendering the smoke detector useless.

In Chicago, there is a smoke detector ordinance that requires all rental units to have a smoke detector. At the start of the lease term, the landlord must supply a fresh battery. After that, the tenant is responsible for providing the batteries.

In new units and uynits that have been remodeled, the smoke detector must be hard-wired to the building’s electrical system, so there will be no issue with the batteries.

With the early start to daylight savings time, now is the time to check the batteries in your own smoke detectors. If you do not have smoke detectors, now is the time to get them.