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Pit bull attacks deputy

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A Michigan sheriff’s deputy was bitten recently by a pit bull when the deputy resp[onded to a call that the pit bull had attacked another dog who was chained in his yard. The deputy had to shoot the pit bull to bring the attack to an end.

The deputy suffered bite wounds to his arm which required medical attention

Most on the job injuries involve things other than dog bites — falls, car accidents, back injuries, and reptitive trauma injuries are far more common. However, suffering a dog bite in the line of duty would also qualify this deputy for worker’s compensation benefits.

There are three basic benefits that injured workers are entitled to when they suffer on the job injuries: payment of their medical expenses, two-third of their average weekly wage while they are off work, and a lump sum for permanency associated with the injury.

In addition, a person suffering a work injury as a result of an on-the-job dog bite may be able to pursue claims under the Animal Control Act for additional compensation for the injury.