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Man loses arm in pit bull mauling

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A Memphis area auto repair shop purchased two pit bulls to safeguard the property after being broken into. Unfortunately, the dogs were not kept on the property and attacked a man who was simply walking down the street.

The man was knocked to the ground by the pit bulls and lost consciousness. The injuries to the man’s arm were so severe that it had to be amputated below the elbow.

When dogs attack like this, the people who are the dog’s keepers are legally responsible for the attack. In this case, it would be the business that purchased them.

Given the severity of the injuries, the injured party may want to look into an action against the person who sold the dogs as watch dogs because the attack was clearly not in response to a threat to them or the property they were supposed to safeguard. This raises questions of the adequacy of the training they were given before they were sold.