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Infant attacked by rottweiler

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An 18 month old Indianapolis child is recovering after being attacked by a neighbor’s rottweiler. The dog ran out of the house and grabbed the boy out of his stroller by the leg, grabbing onto the leg, and shaking the boy violently. The dog finally released the child after being beaten by a police officer who arrived on the scene.

The child suffered bite wounds to his leg.

Rottweilers are among the breeds of dogs that insurers are increasingly reluctant to cover due to the severity of the attacks that these dogs are involved in.

This attack had the hallmarks of a serious dog attck: victim was unable to defend himself; the dog bit, held,and shook; and the dog would not let go until forced to due to the intervention of a human being. Had the officer not arrived, this attack could have been fatal.

Insurers sometimes are unfair in how they offer coverage, but in this instance, they have been extraordinarly accurate in selecting the breeds of dogs that are involved in the most serious attacks.