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Arkansas town passes ordinance in wake of pit bull attack

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In Van Buren, Arkansas, the town council passed a vicious dog ordinance after a woman there was attacked by a pit bull. The ordinance covers vicious dogs and requires the owners to keep the animals in chain link fence enclosure, carry $1 million in liability insurance, and have a microchip implanted in the dog.

The woman was suffered puncture wounds to her hand when she was bitten while defending her dog aganst an attack by the pit bull. The pit bull was being walked by his owner when the pit bull broke the leash in order to attack the woman’s dog.

Ordinances such as this do not necessarily prevent attacks by vicious dogs such as pit bulls. However, they do have the effect of making sure that owners understand that an animal like that is not just a novelty item and ownership of a dog like that is a responsibility which should not be taken lightly.

With insurers becoming less and less agreeable to insuring animals like pit bulls, ordinances such as this may also have the effect of ensuring that only people with the resources to provide proper training for the animal buy them.