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Wilmington nursing home cited for bed sores

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A Wilmington nursing home was cited by the Illinois Department of Public Health after a complaint was made regarding the care of the residents there. IDPH found that a doctor’s order for a consultation with a wound specialist had not been carried out and the nurse hired as the wound care nurse did not have the proper training.

The resident whose condition was the subject of the citation was suffering from bed sores to her heels.

One of the basic functions of the nursing staff is to implement physician orders, and the failure of the nursing staff to do this in this case certainly warranted the issuance of the citation.

Further, the facility is required by regulations to have staff on hand to meet the care needs of its residents on a 24/7 basis. When the wound care nurse does not have any training in that discipline, it is a very serious problem for the facility and for the residents who depend on the facility for care.