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Wilmington nursing home cited by IDPH

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The Embassy Care Center in Wilmington recently received a citation from the Illinois Department of Public Health after a number of residents there were injured in falls.

The care of five residents in all were the subject of the citation, including two who suffered a fractured hip as a result of falling.

Falls and fall prevention are a major concern in the nursing home setting. Indeed, concerns about falls at home often prompt the admission of a loved to a nursing home. Family members who that a more structured environment and closer supervision will keep their loved ones from being injured in a fall.

For residents who are at risk of falling, there must be a fall prevention plan in place that is implemented on a 24/7 basis. Falls are a special concern when caring for geriatric patients because when a resident suffers a fractured hip, the literature clearly establishes that there is a higher rate of mortality for those residents following a hip fracture.

When a facility has a series of serious falls like this, a close look needs to be taken at their fall prevention program and its implementation.