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Project results on 75% reduction in bed sores

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Researchers in New Jersey recently announced the results of a project which was intended to reduce the development of bed sores in patients in health care institutions.

Bed sores are technically known as pressure ulcers and are caused by unrelieved pressure on the skin, usually on bony prominences. The unrelieved pressure results in tissue death, which causes pain for the patient and tremendous complications in their care.

The strategy behind the project was to simply aggressively implement known methods of preventing pressure sores. These include doing things such as regularly repositioning the patient, using pressure relieving devices, and ensuring that the patient has adequate nutrition and hydration.

The study’s planners had hoped to achieve a 25% reduction in the number of bed sores, but instead achieved a 70% reduction in the number of bed sores.

This proves that the known strategies work, and simple implementation of those strategies can result in the prevention of these very painful injuries.