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Nursing home threatened with loss of funding

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A recent inspection of a nursing home in Michigan by state inspectors resulted in the issuance of citations against the nursing home for 25 violations of state or federal regulations. Now, the state has requested that the nursing home be denied Medicare/Medicaid funding, which would effectively put the nursing home out of business.

Violations found during the inspection included residents being exposed to cold conditions, unsafe bed rails on the beds, and a resident suffering from bed sores.

State inspections are a great resource for getting a sense of the quality of care at the nursing home. Inspections performed by the Illinois Department of Public Health are referred to as “surveys” and the results of surveys that have resulted in the issuance of a citation against an Illinois nursing home can be found on the IDPH web site.

Factors to be wary of when looking at the information on the IDPH web site includes: multiple citations for care-related violations, serious care-related violations, and a large number of “complaint inspections”, even if the complaint was not sustained. The fact that there are a large number of complaint inspections tends to indicate to me that there are a lot of families dissatisfied with the overall level of care delivered at the facility.