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Nursing home fined for falls

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An Iowa nursing home was recently fined by the state after two residents were injured in falls. Both residents had a history of falling with repeat episodes of falls in the facility.

These falls at first did not result in significant injury, but later fall required hospitalization. One resident suffered a head injury, while the other suffered a fractured hip.

Falls involving geriatric patients are a serious issue. Many older residents have a brittle bone disease known as osteoporosis which leaves them susceptible to suffering fractures as a result of falling and also susceptible to difficulties healing.

Hip fractures in particular are serious for older patients. Many need surgical repair, but residents are anesthesia risks. Many develop pneumonia or bed sores following a hip fracture, and these often turn out to be deadly for the resident. Several studies have in fact linked hip fractures with in creased mortality for geriatric patients.