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Plug The Pool Drain Hazard

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According to the Chicago Tribune Watchdog Update, Illinois Senator Dick Durbin wants the federal consumer protection agency to tighten up the regulations on pool safety equipment, to prevent swimmers from a drowning hazard. Durbin’s letter to Inez Tenenbaum, Chairman of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, complained that the agency’s inadequate testing of the safety equipment (to prevent a super-charged vacuum effect which pulls and traps a person), "appears to have allowed dangerous drain covers to continue being sold and distributed". Durbin’s criticism came after a Tribune investigation revealed that popular swimming pool or spa models had undergone flawed safety evaluations and thereafter failed more stringent tests. His letter continues; "The issues highlighted by the Tribune story are very concerning and raise serious questions, not only about dangerous drains but also about accreditation of testing facilities on products generally."

If you’re in the market for a new swimming pool or spa, or just want to ensure your existing water feature is safe, keep a watch on the upcoming briefings.