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Jordan Margolis

Stand Your Ground Laws: What Should We Do When State Law Trumps Common Sense?

The February 26, 2012 shooting of 17 year old Trayvon Martin provides a tragic example of how ineffectively and dangerously our nation's Stand Your Ground laws operate. Florida, along with…

Jordan Margolis

Safety First: How Dedicated Are Chicagoland Hospitals to Intercepting Preventable Injuries?

Healthgrades Seventh Annual Patient Safety In American Hospitals Study of March 2010 provided us with an updated report on patient safety incidence rates among Medicare patients at nearly all…

Barry Doyle

Record wrongful death electrocution jury verdict

Last week, jury in South Carolina rendered a $9 million wrongful death verdict, a record for that county. The lawsuit involved a young man who died after being electrocuted by a high voltage line…