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Barry Doyle

Key differences between motorycle accident cases and car accident cases

If I were to ask you how juries and insurance adjusters perceive motorcyle cases and auto cases, you might answer that they perceive them in exactly the same way. After all, they’re both motor…

Kristina Labanauskas

UNLIKELY CONSEQUENCE OF HIGH PRICE OF GAS: Motorcycle Crashes on Rise in Chicago Area

According to a seven-county Chicago Sun Times survey, motorcycle crashes are on the rise as many people have turned to motorcycles as an alternative to driving cars. Simply put, motorcycles get good…

Kristina Labanauskas

2 Motorcyclists Killed in I-80 Accident

Back to back accidents resulted in2 motorcyclist deaths on I-80 early this morning. The accidents took place just west of Larkin Avenue in Joliet.

About 2:25 a.m., a motorcycle with 2 riders…