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Jordan Margolis

Unraveling the Myth of “Defensive Medicine”

For years, Republican politicians, physicians, personal injury defense attorneys, and other parties with a vested interest in tort reform have been lobbying for government intervention in the…

Jordan Margolis

A New and Improved Way to Burden Victims Instead of Those at Fault: NY Public Health Law 2999-h[1]

New York’s Governor, Andrew M. Cuomo, has taken revenge on opponents of his mission to enact caps on non-economic damages in medical malpractice cases. Gov. Cuomo successfully garnered legislators’…

Jordan Margolis

Reforming Tort Reform After the Mid-term Elections: Reality vs. Politicking

Medical malpractice tort reform is a familiar yet controversial topic that has been making its way back into the spotlight due to November’s mid-term elections and the recent federal health care…

Kristina Labanauskas

Choosing the Right Hospital

Each year, the same magazine well-known for its annual reviews of colleges and universities, U.S. News & World Report, puts out a list of the top 50 hospitals in a wide range of…

Barry Doyle

Eye doctor barred from doing LASIK surgeries

The Illinois Department of Professional Regulation has recently barred another eye doctor from doing LASIK procedures, among other disciplinary actions.
This doctor had previously been sued 50…

Jenny Albano

Mother Sues After Four-Month Old Died From Cough Medicine

Dimitria Alvarez’s four-month old son died from taking over-the-counter cough and cold medicines on Oct. 8, 2001, and she has since sued the two sued two distributors of the drugs, claiming they should have known the dangers of the main ingredient and cautioned consumers.The lawsuit filed Wednesday is one of the first since Federal Drug Administration hearings last month where health experts…

Barry Doyle

Hospital sued for medication error

A Missouri hospital has been sued by the parents of one of its patients after the 8-year old girl received the wrong medication. The girl had been prescribed israpidine but was given risperdal instead.The girl suffered brain damage and kidney damage and will eventually require a kidney transplant.”Sound-alike” medications cause the potential for medication errors. This arises from the custom…

Barry Doyle

Judge rules medication errors caused by workload

At a recent administrative law hearing for unemployment benefits, a judge ruled that a nurse’s discharge was not for cause — even though she made many errors in the care of patients under her charge — because the errors were the result of the multiple responsibilities that had been placed on the nurse. Therefore, the judge awrded unemployment benefits that the hospital had been contesting.The…

Barry Doyle

Medication dispensing errors in Texas

A Houston TV station ran a segement recently on the occurrence of medication dispensing errors at local pharmacies, and the apparently lax discipline of pharamcists who make dispensing errors.In one instance, a cancer patient was prescribed medication to be taken four time per week, but was given instructions by the pharamcist to take four times daily. The cancer patient suffered permanent…

Barry Doyle

Medication error kills patient

A Montana nurse admitted to a coroner’s inquest that she adminstered a wrong medication to a patient who died shortly after receiving the drug. The patient came to trhe emergency room of the hospital with difficulty breathing. The doctor ordered lasix, a diuretic, to help draw out fluid that may have been contributing the respiratory problems.Instead of taking the lasix from the pharmacy, she…