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Jordan Margolis

Heart Surgery Patients Left in the Dark Due to Patented Conflicts of Interest

Patients with leaky heart values and other life-threatening medical conditions put their lives and trust in their doctors’ hands when they are wheeled into the surgery room. They already know the…

Jordan Margolis

US Supreme Court Narrows Preemption Defenses In Automobile Product Liability Litigation

Defective products defense attorneys may have one less weapon in their arsenal to combat products liability litigation after last week’s United Statements Supreme Court decision in Williamson v….

Jordan Margolis

Plug The Pool Drain Hazard

According to the Chicago Tribune Watchdog Update, Illinois Senator Dick Durbin wants the federal consumer protection agency to tighten up the regulations on pool safety equipment, to prevent…

Kristina Labanauskas

Fireworks Safety

Fourth of July is a great holiday weekend. It generally means time off from work and other obligations and time to spend with family and friends. It also means there will be fireworks galore. And,…

Kristina Labanauskas

Graco Crib Recall

About 217,000 Graco cribs have been recalled. Federal safety officials advised that this is due to a malfunction that can entrap, suffocate or strangle infants and toddlers. In fact, one child…

Kristina Labanauskas

Buyer Beware: Dangerous Toys for Children

It’s officially the holiday shopping season, and Black Friday is just around the corner. If you have any intention of shopping for children’s toys this year, however, you should read the…

Kristina Labanauskas

Back to School: Child Backpack Safety

The start of August means that another summer will soon be a distant memory. It also means for many kids that less time will be spent at pool parties and more time will be spent gearing up for the…

Kristina Labanauskas

Cell Phones & Cancer: A Controversial New Warning

Talking less on your cell phone might save more than just minutes. For the first time, an academic cancer research institute has made a warning linking cancer and cell phone use.

Dr. Ronald B….