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Woman killed by loose tire

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In Florida, the front wheel from the trailer of a south-bound tractor trailer broke loose and flew into the lanes for north-bound traffic.

There, the tire went through the windshield of a car, causing fatal injuries to the passenger.

Frequently, truck drivers simply pick up a trailer from a warehouse and haul the trailer and its load to the proper desitination. The trailer does not belong to the truck driver and he is not responsible for its upkeep and maintenance.

However, before the driver takes trhe trailker on the road, he is responsible for ensuring the the trailer is safe to go on the road. This requires a detailed inspection of the trailer to make sure that all of its component parts are in good working order. When the trailer is not in proper condition to be on the road, the driver and all other motorists on the highway are put at risk. The driver in that case has an obligation to ensure that the trailer is taken out of service and the load transferred to another trailer.