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Tractor trailer strikes motorcycle

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A Tuscon-area collision between a tractor trailer and a motorcycle may have been caused by the truck driver’s medication use and driving over hours. The truck driver told authorities that he was not sure if he had fallen asleep at the wheel, but did admit to them using over the counter cold medicine before the accident. Authorities checking his log book found discrepancies in the log book as well.

The passenger of the motorcycle sustained fatal injuries, and her husband, the driver suffered serious injuries.

The two causes that are mentioned in this account are two of the most common causes of accidents invoilving truck drivers: driver fatigue and the use of medications. These two in this case caused the driver’s attention to drift such that he was not sure he was awake when he hit this motorcycle.

Log book falsification is a key issue to investigate in any case with an other inexplicable accident involving a tractor-trailer. Drivers know their hours limits, but do not always appreciate safety concerns that are supported by the hours of service limits. Careful analysis of the drivers log can show when drivers are over hours and when entries are being falsified.