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Sleeping truck driver rear-ends car

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An Indiana man was hospitalized after he was rear-ended by a semi. Responding emergecny personnel reported being amazed that the man was not more badly hurt, as the truck basically ran over the top of the man as he was waiting to make a left turn.

The truck driver was asleep at the wheel when he struck the other driver.

Federal regulations limit the number of hours that a truck driver can operate his vehicle before he has to rest before getting back on the road. The effects of sleep deprivation for truck drivers have been shown in studies to be almost as signifcant as being intoxicated.

Unfortunately, too often truck drivers push the number of hours they are on the road past the regulatory limit, and past their own limits of endurance. If the driver does not fall asleep like this one does, dimished reflexes, reaction time, and control place every motorist at risk.

Everyone involved in this accident was fortunate that it was not worse.