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Fatal collision with asphalt truck

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A Texas man was killed last week when he was driving through a construction zone. An asphalt truck left the roadway and then re-entered it. The man struck the rear-end of the asphalt truck as it came back onto the roadway. The driver of the asphalt truck was ticketed for failing to yield while entering the roadway.

The man suffered such severe injuries that he was pronounced dead at the scene.

One issue that comes up in almnost every motor vehicle accident case is the issue of who received the ticket. It is always helpful if the other driver received the citation, but unless the other driver pleads guilty in traffic court to the charges, then the fact that a ticket was issued does not come into evidence, even if the other driver was covicted.

If you are issued a ticket as a result of a motor vehicle accident, you should be careful to avoid pleading guilty to any substantive charges relating to the accident in order to prevent having that kind of evidence entered against you.