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Kristina Labanauskas
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Black boxes in all cars?

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Something positive may have come out of the Toyota recalls.

Congress is considering legislation that would require the auto industry to make safety updates to vehicles as a result of the Toyota recalls.

If this legislation is made into law, all automakers would be required to install black boxes into vehicles as well as to pay fees to the government to fund safety agencies. These “black boxes” would help investigators determine if the accident was due to a vehicle issue or driver error.

Additionally, the legislation would remove any caps on civil penalties a carmaker was subject to, would give the NHTSA the power to order an immediate recall of vehicles if it finds that there is an "imminent hazard of death or serious injury,” and would impose new safety standards that relate to brake override systems and preventing pedals from being trapped on the floor.

Safety is clearly a priority. But, some think this just goes too far in terms of invasion of privacy.

1 Comment

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  1. Truckie D says:
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    Personally, I’m all for black boxes – not just for cars, but for trucks too. These would really be a big help in finding the truth of who did what and when. We have the technology, so let’s do it!